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Camarillo, situated in the heart of Ventura County, California, stands as a medium-sized city that harmoniously weaves together history, diversity, and a flourishing community spirit. Boasting approximately sixteen distinct neighborhoods, Camarillo proudly claims its position as the 123rd largest community within the state. At the core of its identity lies the city motto, “Las Personas Son La Ciudad,” a testament to the belief that “The People are the City,” underscoring the deep value placed upon its residents.

Guided by a council-manager form of city government, Camarillo nurtures an engaged and empowered citizenry. Bathed in a warm Mediterranean climate, the city offers sun-soaked summers and a comfortable atmosphere that mirrors its inviting character. The Ventura Freeway, the main thoroughfare that traverses the city, serves as a lifeline connecting its vibrant neighborhoods.

A hallmark of Camarillo’s distinction lies in its educational landscape. Remarkably, over 40% of adults aged 25 and above hold four-year degrees or higher, a statistic that nearly doubles the national average. This educational commitment underscores the community’s dedication to intellectual growth and professional advancement.

Camarillo proudly stands as a diverse tapestry, characterized by a rich blend of races, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. Ancestral roots trace back to German, Irish, English, Italian, and French origins, enriching the cultural fabric. The city exudes an international essence, with more than 15% of residents hailing from beyond U.S. borders. Language too is a testament to this diversity, with English leading the linguistic symphony, followed by Spanish and Tagalog.

Spanning an expansive 19.70 square miles of land, Camarillo predominantly embraces a white-collar workforce, where almost 88% of individuals hold positions in white-collar sectors. Economically, the community flourishes as an upper-middle income enclave according to state economic standards, while it boasts wealth in alignment with federal economic benchmarks.

In 2018, Camarillo’s estimated population stood at 69,127 residents, resulting in an approximate population density of 3,450 individuals per square mile. On the financial front, the median household income for 2016 was $79,397, with an estimated per capita income of $38,718. Housing values paint a vivid picture of the city’s residential landscape: the median value for houses or condos in that year was $588,300, with a mean price across all housing units reaching $636,399. The median gross rent, reflecting the city’s diverse housing options, was $1,892.

Before the era of European settlement, the region was inhabited by the indigenous Chumash tribes, leaving behind a tapestry of history and cultural heritage. Upon the arrival of European settlers, the landscape transformed with initiatives that epitomized progress, such as the introduction of the coastal railroad route in 1898. Around 1910, the foundations of the town took shape, aptly named after the Camarillo brothers, Adolpho and Juan. The city’s agricultural roots are deeply entrenched, with lima beans, citrus fruits, and walnuts gracing its fields. The iconic Camarillo white horses also found their home here, symbolizing a unique and treasured part of the community’s history.

An educational haven, Camarillo’s youth find their academic journey enriched by the Pleasant Valley School District, encompassing thirteen institutions catering to various educational levels. The district nurtures a student body of approximately 7,400, fostering a love for learning and growth.

Transportation options are plentiful within the city, including trains, buses, and even a public airfield. Yet, the familiar hum of cars remains the preferred mode of daily commute for most residents.

Camarillo’s attractions are as diverse as its population, with gems like Old Town Camarillo, Camarillo Ranch, the Pleasant Valley Historical Society Museum, and the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology facility, all contributing to the city’s vibrant tapestry.

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