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About Moorpark, California

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Moorpark is a medium sized city in Ventura County, California. It has eight neighborhoods and is the 226th largest community in the state. It is a perfect community for people of all ages, but especially raising or looking to raise a family. It has a council-manager style of city government and the lowest crime rate in Ventura County. It has a wonderful warm and welcoming atmosphere, good schools and higher than average population of college educated adults. Over 41% of adults over 25 have four-year degrees or more, this is nearly twice the national education average for U.S. communities. The city is blessed with a gorgeous Subtropical Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine. Major highways in the area include both State Highway 118 and State Highway 23. It is a diverse community ethnically, racially and religiously. The largest ethnic and racial groups in the city are Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic/Latino. Nearly 18% of Moorpark residents are foreign born. English remains the #1 language in the city, followed by Spanish and Chinese.

The city spans 12.8 square miles of nearly exclusively land area. The estimated population in 2018, was 36,576 and the approximate population density is 2,900 people per square mile. It is primarily a white-collar community, where more than 86% of the workforce is white-collar. It is an upper-middle income community according to state economic standards and a wealthy community compared to federal statistics. When we look at local economic statistics, we can find that in 2016, the estimated median household income in Moorpark was $102,428 and the estimated per capita income was $40,352. In the same year, the median house or condo value in the city was $661,575, the mean price on all housing units was $736,873 and the median gross rent was $1,882.

Before the arrival of explorers and missionaries in the area it was inhabited by the native Chumash tribes. Robert Poindexter is considered the founder of the community, as it was Poindexter who plotted and mapped the town. The community was founded in 1887, and by 1900 the first post office had been established. Many believe the name Moorpark comes from the Moorpark apricot which used to grow in the area. Growth in the town took off in 1904, after the tunnel was completed through the Saint Susana Mountains. This placed Moorpark on the main railway route of Southern Pacific’s coastal line. The city was incorporated in the summer of 1983 and it was among the first U.S. cities to run off nuclear generated power. In March of 2005, a unique discovery was made in the foothills area of Moorpark, a nearly complete set of remains from an 8000-year-old mammoth.

Public education is primarily provided by the schools of Moorpark Unified School District, which has ten schools of varying educational levels. For daily commutes residents rely on the city bus or private vehicles. The city features a beautiful historic center surrounding the High Street area. However, the majority of homes were constructed after 1980. Homes for sale come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Other real estate options include apartments, townhomes, condos and more for rent or lease. To begin your home search in Moorpark, call local friendly real estate agent DENNIS AMICK at 805 654 8000. Call today, don’t delay!